On tiny homes and flowing clothes

There are two questions I always get when people find out I live in a micro-home (hypothetically of course). The first, since I share the space with Mr. SS is always: “How do you not kill each other?”. Easy. We communicate our needs, listen to each other and never EVER run with knives. Ya know, the basics of a healthy relationship. The other question I get individually is always: “Where do you keep all your clothes?”

Folks, there are two problems with this question. One- in our entire time here nobody has asked my husband this. Not once. Second- I have been following Project 333. I am very conscious about the things I purchase and don’t really buy new clothes. Towards the end of the Fall semester, I wore the same sweater for 42 days straight*. I know what you’re thinking- based on my gender identity, I have an obsession with fashion and clothing. Truth is though, I don’t have a terribly large amount of clothes. But what is also true- I have no great way of storing them. Since May of 2017 I’ve been living out a suitcase… just in one location, like the lamest jet-setter in the world.

One of the old closets pulled out

To be fair, I did not go into the tiny home idea with the premise that my closet will be a suitcase. In fact, our bedroom had two tiny closets, and overhead cabinets, and we fully intend to use those. However, what we discovered is that the closets can only accommodate approximately 6 things, after that, they become useless as the items get really crowded. Additionally, my closet and the overhead cabinets had a moisture issue, rendering them ineffective for storage. Anything left in my closet was soaking wet and gross after only 3 days. I decided to stick my stuff in a suitcase, and worry about it at some later date. I’m not proud to say that this was my system for two and a half years. Yes, it’s cool to prove to myself that I can do that. But frankly, this sucks! Getting dressed was a nightmare. This was compounded by the fact that I was doing Project 333 for over 3 years, and had my wardrobe completely figured out prior to moving here. Now, while I still have few things, the storage made accessibility an issue.

Making a mess while renovating

We decided that winter break was the perfect time to tackle some of our interior woes, and these “closets” were the first to go. Unlike our other projects, we’re on a leisurely timeline with this one, so we’ve been taking it one day at a time, doing a little bit each day. Today though, after pulling out the cabinets and painting the walls behind them, we’ve hit a snafu. In spite of these cabinets having a 16” by 12” footprint, we did not have enough flooring leftover to cover their absence. Mr. SS had to run to Lowe’s to get more boards. This meant that by the time we finished was almost 10pm instead of 6, and we still needed to eat dinner. Sometimes that’s just how things work out and you have to roll with the punches, and again, we were on a flexible time frame with this project.

When it comes to storage, I was always partial to a drawer system- I don’t particularly like to hang up my clothes. I knew my solution would revolve around some type of dresser or bin system. I looked at several models on Amazon, but this was something I felt the need to interact with prior to making a purchase. Since these would be my everyday “micro-closet”, they will get a lot of use. I considered making a shelving system with bins, and customize it to our space. However, Walmart had plastic bins that were going to fit the space really well. I got a 3 drawer and a 5 drawer model and brought them home. 

My awesome bins!

Now came the time for the real question- will all my clothes fit? I began the transfer process, from the suitcase into the drawers. I was actually folding and organizing my clothes! They were going to be more than a pile. To my amazement, they actually fit! I think I have a closet.

Are all my clothes in there? Not quite. My gym clothes live in my gym bag. It contains 3 tank tops, 2 sports bras, a pair of leggings, a pair of shorts and my tennis shoes. My winter jacket, and related winter accessories hang on a hook by the door. My paint shop clothes and cap and gown live in my office. I also have a Tupperware container of seasonal/ not in current rotation clothes up in our shed. I think that just about covers it. I am so excited that we got these organized. Getting dressed these last few mornings has been awesome. I hope this works long term, and I’m really excited to get Mr. Sweetspot organized next. He has a different system in mind- stay tuned.

My gym bag

How about you? Where do you keep all your clothes? What storage methods work best for you?

*In case you are wondering, I really hate shopping, but don’t have a winter coat. Last year’s coat has a broken zipper. I wear my fall pleather jacket layered with my warmest sweater and it is kind of like a winter coat. However, occasionally it’s either really cold or I didn’t plan an outer layer, in which case the warm sweater stays on. That circumstance accounted for over a month of usage. Zero people inquired about why I always wear this sweater.

8 thoughts on “On tiny homes and flowing clothes

  1. 5 AM Joel says:

    My clothes system is a small neat closet, tucked away in our spare bedroom. My wife’s system is the opposite… She’ll take off clothes and leave them all around the house wherever she is standing at that moment. I used to hate it but now I think it’s hilarious when I see socks on the patio, bras on the kitchen table, or 15 sweaters hanging on every chair in the house. She’s like a toddler.


  2. Laura Floyd says:

    This is inspiring as hell! Thank you for sharing. I made a huge donate pile yesterday from my closet yesterday, and this just makes me wanna do more. Also- Mr. Sweetspot, would love to hear your take on this!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. goatdogsimple says:

    Must feel great to have a closet again! I have a standard size closet but I love keeping it simple. I’ve thought of trying a capsule wardrobe just to make getting dressed in the mornings easier. Thanks for sharing.


  4. thriftyhustler says:

    I love shopping (in thrift stores). And over the years, I accumulated tons of clothes that I’m not using anymore. This inspired me to check my closet and pull those clothes out and give them away.


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