Ebay update- September

The leaves are turning a spectrum of warm colors and slowly making their descent towards the ground. This can only mean one thing- time for the September eBay challenge update. Since February, we’ve been selling our stuff, and our total prior to September clocked in at $965.41. Not horrible for seven months of sales… but we have been seeing a steady decline in our profits. We adjusted the goal for September accordingly, only attempting to make $50.

Did we make it? We sold only two things: a knife and a Scooby Doo beanie baby (yes, the same one pictured in the last post with the desperate caption “one day this guy will sell”). We were looking good until we subtracted fee costs, which brought our total down to $33.95. Not great. More frustrating? This brings our total for the challenge to $999.36. A nightmare for any type A personality out there! I really (really!) wanted to hit that $1,000. I think for the first time in this whole challenge I am a tiny bit disappointed.

We came so close! Which means we will definitely make it next time. I do feel like there are two questions we need to explore first: “What happened?” and “Why are we selling so many knives?”

We pretty much stopped making crazy profit around the time that weather here got livable again (late April/early May). It could be coincidental, and linked to the amount of valuable possessions we had running out its course in about three month. However, once the weather got better, we also started devoting our time to the shed and a variety of other projects, including all of our crazy summer commitments. Without a doubt, like with any project/challenge, you get out as much as you put in. Once the time we could put in was reduced dramatically, we saw a decline in the sales. Additionally, this Fall, Mr. SS landed two steady gigs, which pay more than the eBay challenge ever averaged. With a financial goal in mind we’d be crazy to pass these by just to sell our old things on the internet to make arbitrary internal goals set on our blog. To be fair, this stuff isn’t going anywhere, so it’s not crucial we hit deadlines while selling it. While February will mark a one year anniversary of this challenge, I don’t think it will mark its end. We actually do want to get rid of our stuff, and it might take some time.



“Mrs. Sweetspot, what’s up with the knives?” Funny you should ask. Mr. SS decided to sell an old knife of his to buy a new one (he’s the kind of guy who likes to have a knife on him every day). He did, but he didn’t love the new one, so he decided to repeat the process. Sure enough, he sold the newly purchased $13 knife for $50. He bought a new one he likes with the profits, but we decided to try repeating this process. Sure enough, it worked again. While flipping knives isn’t exactly the spirit of this challenge, it does account for at least $100 in profit, and we will most likely continue the cycle.

In the previous eBay update, we vowed to get rid of things that didn’t sell after 3 listings. We have not kept a tally, but will improve in the future. Additionally, seeing our stalled progress, we will combine months again for October/November. We will both be going into tech for various shows, so it feels like a wise thing to do. With the double month in mind, we will attempt to sell $80 worth of “old junk”. I’m no longer sure that we can do it, but it’s good to have a goal. We will also document our “3 strikes you’re out” items, of which there hopefully won’t be too many.

Wish us luck! Any tips? What’s the most surprising item you’ve ever sold on the internet?

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