“eBay” Challenge Update – August

Time for another eBay challenge update. To recap, since February we’ve been selling items from around our house and our total, prior to August, clocked in at $896.54. Not too shabby, considering that this is not our first downsizing effort. In fact we live in 200 square feet, and still find ourselves with things to sell. I think we can all agree that this is either a little bit crazy… or a very sane testament to just how much our lives were ruled by over consumption.

For the month of August we set a goal of $110, hoping to cross the $1,000 mark. Sadly, it hasn’t happened. We managed to sell exactly 3 things: an old air conditioning unit (don’t worry, it’s not the one from the previous post. We’re not that bad at accounting. We had two from our previous apartment, but our microhome has central air), a knife and a watch. The total for these items was $68.87, putting our sum for the challenge at $965.41. This leads to two questions: are we disappointed? And: has the well run dry?

While we have not succeeded at meeting our set goals since April, I can’t say I’m let down by this process. I stand by the belief that this is “success through failure”. Think about it, if we were to give up when we first “failed”, we would be over $120 poorer and have more clutter. As it stands, we’re de-cluttering, in an environmentally sustainable way, while making extra cash. And we get to do math at the end of each month! (My girls night got cancelled tonight, but this is seriously the next best thing). I’m very proud of this experiment and have no intention on quitting. Seriously, we still have excess items to get rid of.

Now I have to ask: is everything we have left crap that no one wants to buy? Sort of yes, sort of no. We have certainly gone through all of our best stuff. It’s hard to expect to make the same profit off a generator and a Scooby-doo beanie baby (after all, there was no generator craze in the 90s). However, experience has taught us that things will sell, though it sometimes takes 4 listings and several price drops. This month, we’ve had several listings with no bids on them, so it’s time to adjust those prices. We’ve also not been quite as aggressive with our listings, rather we’ve adopted a steadier pace that suits our current level of occupation. We want to keep this challenge as a fun side hustle, not something that adds to our daily grind.

One day this guy will sell…*sigh*

We plan to keep going, although moving forward, we will be chucking or donating items which can’t secure a bid after 3 listings. A “3 strikes you’re out” policy. This should help us at least with the de-cluttering part of this process. Sadly, I don’t see us running out of items to list any time soon. With all of this in mind, what should be our goal for September? It’s a third of the way through the month, and we have some active listings, but no bids. To light a realistic fire under our butts, I aim to make $50 this time around. Whether we succeed or fail, we will keep you posted.

Have you had any success selling your old junk? Any items surprise you?

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