Hot off the Presses: Another Frugal Couple Cuts Their Own Hair!

Yes, we are that frugal- we cut each other’s hair. We mostly keep this on the DL, because based on people’s reactions you’d think we are admitting to doing our own medical procedures. “How was my weekend? Pretty great- I took out Mr. SS’s appendix and then went for a walk. You?” We recently shocked our friend at the farmer’s market after revealing our awesome locks. She asked whether I was trained. I admitted to watching multiple YouTube videos, which in this case felt sufficient. Below is our review of the why and the how, so if you wish, you too can wow (and worry) your friends by telling them how you’ve gone off the deep end cut your own hair.

I first considered the notion after reading this excellent post from Mrs. Frugalwoods. She made this sound both easy and fun, and I was fully strapped in on a ride to frugal town. So I did what any reasonable person would do: the math. Mr. SS had a snappy gentleman’s “old fashion” with a straight razor line-up, and sharps hook, three step fade and a hard part (barber shop talk for “snappy yet complicated”). He went to the local young and hip barber shop in town, where while you wait (no appointments), and pay cash (no credit card points) you can have free beer, billiards, xBox and Playstation and endless facial hair conversations. The guys are great, so the waits are long… you end up picking your dashingly coiffured husband up from these adventures 😉 Needless to say Mr. SS really enjoyed the experience. Each cut was $20, tip included. To stay as fresh as he wanted, he would’ve liked to have gone every 4 weeks but always felt like he couldn’t afford it. He compromised and went every 6-8 weeks, resulting in an annual cost of $130-170.

Oh, the dos you could do!

I found a really great hairdresser when I moved here. However, I also really hate going to the salon. As an introvert, having a stranger touch your head as you’re required to make small talk is akin to torture. But after two or so hours, my hair looked so good. I had a lob type haircut, with all over color and highlights. I started getting gray hair around 25, and it’s obviously been getting worse. So my hair and color would range between $70-$90. Let’s average that at $80. Again, I wanted to go more often than I did, but what felt “reasonable” was every 2 months. This cost me $480 annually on hair! Which is insane. Add these numbers together, and we were spending as much as $650 on hair. And we are not particularly fancy people, a lot of folks pay A LOT more. I was intrigued by the notion of bringing this number waaay down.

At the start we had clippers Mr. SS used on his beard, so we bought a set of guards. We’ve unfortunately left those in PA, but lucky for you this means we have a readily available price of a new set. We bought this set from Amazon for $19.99, and it works a lot better than the old one. It also has the blade guards included and fits in a carrying case. I cut Mr. SS’s hair with the #2 guard on the bottom, with the #7 guard at the top. I attempted a fade the first time, and it is not a technique you can pick up from watching one YouTube video. So we simplified. The compromise leaves him pretty happy (8 out of 10), since I can cut his hair every 5-6 weeks (which would cost $190 annually at the barber shop). The first time was scary, now I feel like I have a handle on it.

For my hair, there were two compromises. The first was that I no longer have highlights. DYI highlights can be really bad, plus I didn’t want to damage my hair. Instead I do all over color about every 2 months. I have a lot of hair, so I’ve always needed at least 2 boxes of dye for full coverage. Since hair dye can be more than $10 per box, I researched different brands. Revlon Colorsilk runs for $2.97 a box at Walmart and had rave reviews. It works really well and it’s easy to apply- Mr. SS is getting to be quite a pro at it. I use #45 Bright Auburn. Full disclosure- I varied from that color once, trying for a different red, and it turned my hair a really dark, almost black color. I returned to the tried and true and haven’t varied since.

The second compromise is the length of my hair. I’m letting it grow, with an occasional trim. I have realistic expectations of what it is that I can do, and a fancy bob is not one of those things. While I do have really forgiving hair, there’s only so forgiving it can get… Long hair is also a lot easier to maintenance and I can put it up in the summer. Overall these compromises have been a win.

Bringing it down to cost, we are currently paying $56 annually for our hair (cost of clippers and a year of dye) and our lives are 0% different than they were before. I strongly recommend trying this at home and seeing how you feel. It’s easier than you think, ultimately doesn’t matter that much, and saves us $554 a year. Have you cut your own hair or DIY-ed something else for a frugal win?

7 thoughts on “Hot off the Presses: Another Frugal Couple Cuts Their Own Hair!

  1. Carolyn says:

    That’s funny, but true. I loathed going to the salon. They never listened, just did what they wanted. The last time I went he jerked my head ahead, burned my scalp with the blow dryer, used a razor on my hair when I asked him not to, which got a shrill scolding from him that I don’t tell him how to cut hair, it was cut too short and I paid too much. So when I met a guy who on our second date told me he could cut my hair for me, I said please do. On Saturday morning I was at his house and announced I was there for my hair appointment when he opened the door. Bottom line, he did an awesome job. I told him he was now my permanent stylist and I decided after that haircut I was going to marry him, and I did. My mother thought it was horrible, he was a control freak, he shouldn’t be doing that, I should go to the salon, blah, blah, blah. As my hair grew out, he trimmed and shaped it so it would recover from the horrible salon cut. My hair was finally getting longer. My best friend stopped by to visit and happened to arrive in the middle of my trim. She said she would come back later, but I asked her to please stay. So she watched intently as he let down each section and meticulously trimmed my ends. She complimented his work and mentioned she was way overdue and really needed her hair trimmed. When he finished and uncaped me, she joked, I’m next! My guy said OK, have a seat. And she did, he asked her how much off and then trimmed off about an inch. She was happy with the result and asked if he could continue to do it for her. It saves me hundreds a year, hubby does my two boys’ haircuts monthly, mine every other month, and my best friend’s hair when she stops by. He even cuts my mom’s hair for her as she got over her drama. So reactions to me telling people that hubby cuts my hair vary from somewhat surprised to do you think he could cut mine for me too? I am very picky about my hair, so there is no way I would trust anyone else but my husband near my hair with shears. So I guess I am in that select group of women who have their husbands cut their hair and I don’t regret it for a minute. Smartest move I ever made with my hair.


  2. Keri says:

    That is a great story. My guy trims my hair for me, but what is really special is that he braids my hair for me. I love having him comb my hair and have him do different braids for me. He does french, fishtail, dutch, rope and other variations of them. I get compliments on my braids and asked how I do them. intell them I take a seat, tell my husband I would like a braid, what kind I would like and he does them for me. I get asked how I do them and I them I cannot braid, but my husband does them for me. Reactions are always positive and many women say it is great, and they wish they knew how to braid. My niece asks her uncle to braid her hair like mine when she comes to visit. I think it is so cute that he does it for her and she always asks him to do it for her.


  3. Any Little Way says:

    I also started cutting my own hair after reading Mrs. FW’s post! It’s been a little over a year, but I’m pretty happy with the results. Like you, I’m an introvert and hate going to the salon, plus I have really long hair and hate spending money for someone to cut off too much hair. This way, I can control how much hair stays on my head AND save money 🙂 Though…I don’t have the nice layers that I used to have.


  4. myworldfleur says:

    Hi there, @Simple Sweet Spot Making oneself beautiful is a common knowledge among women anywhere around the world, i supposed. Here in our country, going to a salon for some services such as hair cut, manicure and pedicure is so expensive, that’s why, i’m just letting my hair grow up to over a shoulder length and bought me a nipper so i could clean my nails myself. ONLY had pedicure & manicure occasionaly. I am following you now.


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