Radio Silence…

Spring break!

“Simple Sweetspot… more like the no show spot”. I admit, we have dropped our blogging quite dramatically this month. It might seem to be the result of cutting the cord, but beware of such assumptions. Life without internet is absolutely fine, great in fact, and we will be writing a follow up about it soon.

There have been some very exciting developments in Sweetspotverse- we managed to purchase the land we were after (!!!), and shortly after we bought our RV. We are currently in the process of completely remodeling the RV and transforming it into our very own micro-home, with a projected move-in date of May 1st. This has taken over our life in every possible way, so until move-in day the blog will be on a brief hiatus, with promises of stories and lots of pictures to come.

So far the progress is slow and steady- the weather has been an unforeseen deterrent. Living in central New York, we are not in the warmest of climates, but this late winter has hit us hard. We worked in the RV, which currently has no heat and no power in 12 degree weather and in the midst of a blizzard dropping more than 24 inches of snow in less than 48 hours (aka my spring break!)

Despite this we’re learning so much and can’t wait to share all the trials and tribulations (it seems like a new one each day) and successes with you.

Until then keep fighting the good fight and don’t let society (or anyone else) tell you what’s right for you!

-Mr. & Mrs. SS.

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