Food! 1 – An Intro

So everybody’s got to eat right? Right, but what you eat and how you eat it makes a big difference to your waistline, your bank account and our world.

The amazing thing Mrs. S and I are discovering, is just how related these things are. Money, health, happiness, ecology, and world citizenry, these things keep coming up over and over, and once you make a decision to foster any one of these, it’s amazing how apparent it’s relation to the other four is.

Cooking is one of the “Sweetspots” for us. Since resigning from my full time job and starting my own part time business I’ve had a lot more time on my hands.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, some of my earliest memories are of my sister and I making grilled cheese sandwiches (a specialty I still love love making, though they’re a bit different now). As the primary “domestic” in our domestic partnership I soon realized a major way to make this whole thing work was to cook more at home.

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Everything above is vegan (and really cheap!)

We already had been cooking at home a great deal but it wasn’t until fairly recently that my cooking game has really taken off.

Mrs. S and I have both been vegetarians since we met, in fact the first thing she ever said to me was “You’re a vegetarian!” with the biggest doe eyes I’ve ever seen (that’s when I knew I was in ;-). ) Through the years we’ve both dabbled with veganism, and now we consider ourselves strict vegetarians, lax vegans or as I like to say “Vegetarians in the Street, and vegans in the Kitch, {YEAH!}” (read this with your best Ludacris/Lil Jon impression).

We’ve made these choices for numerous reasons, and it may not be right for you, but we find they go hand and hand with our other goals: saving money, watching our weight, being more fit, helping the planet etc. But this project isn’t about convincing you to live just like we do. It’s about our journey to finding balance and happiness, in other words: what works for you, works for you. Hopefully, you can take from us and find balance in your own lives.

With all that said from time to time I’ll be posting various recipes, tips etc. of what I’m up to in the kitchen. Everything will be vegan, from scratch and entirely homemade, because that’s what’s working for us. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to ask questions or share your own struggles / successes with food.


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